George Symes


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"You were amazing!! All of the guests loved it. It was an absolute pleasure to have you as part of our special day."
"You were phenomenal! Everyone I spoke to enjoyed it."
"Thanks for making the night so fantastic, it really raised the evening."
"You were fantastic...I still don't know how you got my signed card to come out of a flaming bit of paper!"

Magician and Mind Reader

Magician and Mind Reader

When was the last time you experienced magic up close? Happening right under your nose? Maybe even actually in your own hands?

With magic back in the theatres and back on TV, having a magician at your event can really give it an extra dimension that people will be talking about for ages to come.

Seeing magic up close and in the flesh is truly different from seeing it on a TV screen, and even guests who claim they "don't like magic" go home with a change of heart.

Picture of George performing at a table

George is a skilled sleight of hand magician, and uses this, as well as a number of psychological techniques to astound and amaze audiences everywhere.

From his earliest performances at the age of eleven, George has progressed rapidly, and over the last ten years, his skills have earned him many accolades. Not only is he the youngest ever member of the British Magical Society Council, but also the British Magical Society Close-up Champion of 2010/11. He honestly cannot remember what first sparked his interest in magic, but he's just grateful that it did.

Having performed at all kinds of events, from garden parties to banquets, and to a wide variety of audiences, George can provide truly magical entertainment individually planned for your wedding, corporate event or party.

So go ahead, and bring some magic to your next event. You definitely won't regret it...